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LindseyHart is writing an aticle about wikis for her senior thesis. These questions are for anyone (everyone?) here to answer. TedErnst pointed her to Meatball and suggested public interviewing.

What impact do wikis have on the world today?

How do they affect the way we use the Internet?

What impact will wikis have in the future?

How will wikis be used in the future?

Will wiki functions be incorporated into non-wiki sites?

What are the benefits of using wiki technology?

Will wikis need to become more attractive for mainstream America to adopt them?

Will the name "wiki" continue to be used in reference to the wiki technology or once wikis become more mainstream, will the name "wiki" be dropped?

How much credibility should we give content on wikis?

Are there any other questions about wikis I have not asked yet?

Additional Questions Section

How many wikis are already online?

What is the biggest challenge currently facing wiki?

What did we learn from the Wiki:WikiMindWipe ?

How long does it take to set up a new wiki?

Why is it important to UseRealNames or be anonymous, rather than using pseudonyms.

Can you think of an analogy or an explanation for a wiki that would make it easier for a non-technologically savvy person to understand?



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