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BeatDoebeli (really Beat Doebeli Honegger) is a Swiss wiki expert and a pioneer for wiki applications at schools. He also maintains "Beats Biblionetz" (only German, not a wiki), an extremely interesting onthology of authors, books, citations, terms, questions and statements. -- HelmutLeitner

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Bonjour Beat. Really love your design of carnet. I'd like to refactor the WikiSchool? page. Some of your design could really help. CraoWiki:MarioAsselin a very nice guy has just experimented wiki[1][2] this year in his college (St Joseph - Québec). He's coming in Paris for a short séjour on 20th of May. We intend to speak of use of wikis at school. Would you be interested to talk wiht us via a synchronous dialog we could prepair anywhere on a wiki. It could also be the occasion to produce a collaborative ting with any other wikistes on such a subject (Helmut ;-) ?)(via MoonEdit). Just let us know. Bon week-end Beat-- ChristopheDucamp

Sorry Christophe, I did not see your comments upto now :-( HelmutLeitner has created this page for me, but I wasn't even lurking meatball till today. This should change after WikiSym :-)

Thanks for answering. We have all the time. Currently trying to follow Helmut in the WikiPatternLanguage translation and just retrieving your name on InvolveTheVisitor. Let's say I'm still interested to refactor the WikiSchool? page with anybody interested in using wikis in education. Currently thinking on wiki for our french internet fiesta (which will run next march 2005). I'd like to show some wiki-exhibitions for children. Could we imagine organizing a synchronous talking session via SynchroEdit or any [super ting tool] ? -- ChristopheDucamp



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