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Interested in how groups with particular critical mass are affected by the difficulties of maintaining that mass, and protecting it from those who are less interested to the cultural norms of the group than the committed members of the community. Debian is one example I have in mind. Wikipedia is another.

I'm bemused by the difficulties Wikipedia finds itself in, in maintaining its core community, and how it seems to be rediscovering many of the difficulties other open electronic communties of the last 30 years have had.

Welcome to MeatBall, Mark. As our MeatballMission says, we too are very interested (as you've no doubt seen!) in how online communities such as Wikipedia handle growth. We have some pages documenting past experiences, such as WikiLifeCycle and related pages, but what really interests us is how to solve these problems — if, indeed, they can be solved. Pages such as AssumeGoodFaith are pivotal ideas we have found useful in the past. Still, we are always looking to improve our knowledge, and hopefully, together we can learn more. Again, welcome to MeatBall. -- ChrisPurcell

Heya Mark. One of the questions we talked about at WikiSym was whether or not we can raise more very large wikis, and if they necessary had to give up on the WikiWay to get there, or if we could continue to learn how to grow our own culture to match the pressures at that scale. I came back from WikiSym with a renewed sense of purpose. Welcome! -- SunirShah

Hi Mark, your interests are exciting! I do like the observance casing your bemusement. Best, MarkDilley



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