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With the help of the Wiki community breeding machine MeatballWiki, the Math Songs Wiki http://mathsongs.net/ ( [SeedWiki:MathSongsWiki] ) is in its starting phase, inviting contributors.

We practise an online pay-based income model for composers, writers and all other contributors, that help to realize Math Songs. A free flash preview (and the first pay-button) can be admired there.

Would you like to listen to Math Songs, songs that bring mathematical reasoning, jokes, definitions, examples, propositions and even proofs in an enjoyable and easy memorable form?

Music in combination with lyrics (later in MathML?/MusML?)?. Music with multimedia animations?

Especially, if you could download and listen to them for free? Imagine you could prepare your exams, while jogging off stress and at the same time listening to your special music.

Or for brushing up your dusted knowledge of Mathematics, while singing, dancing or ... :)

The Wiki community has helped me to overcome my inner resistance to start a dedicated experimental MathSongsWiki, in which the terms are negotiated, based on donations like seen in Google:AdoptaBand. If enough people are interested, this wiki can evolve seamlessly into practice.

From Wiki:Music we can see, that there is a potential of musical and mathematical oriented minds in the Wiki community (and beyond) as producers and consumers and that a GiftEconomy-aware WikiForum would be an ideal ground.

I felt some sympathies for the idea and found an appropriate Wiki (-farm-) provider, so I uploaded the first of my MathSongs? as flash animation, *not* based on the StreetPerformerProtocol, inviting other peers to join our forces.

The realm of Mathematics is giant, challenging and combined with art, a real pleasure..


This and the following text is only written, straight from the shoulder. Some mathematicians may formalize it, lyricists may transform it into lyrics; composers may write the music. Graphic design people, cartoonists may give it glitz. ;-) Is this a joke? Of course it is. The themes for Mathematical Songs range from finite Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Topology, whatever you choose from the realm of the Science of Mathematics. The interconnected (more or less visible) workplaces here and there with access to (free) downloadable musical songs may be the best stimulus for new creative people to join. But our vision of collaboration is broader, it generalizes the concept of a WebRing (which is a simple cyclical graph) to a (bidirectional) WebGraph, where the DistributedMathSongsWiki is only one subset, that includes this MathSongsWiki. Why, you cry .. Simple answer: composers and lyricists are very fond of their freedom, they are used to choose with every note and syllable from a giant (finite;-) set of options. (Mathematicians, who usually adhere to the AxiomOfChoice, seem to be even more picky about their freedom to choose;-). So some contributors may (temporarily) like to collaborate inside this wiki, others may like to work in another (via mutual links connected) wiki, others may like to have their complete (perhaps Wiki-administered) Website, external to this wiki. Some might prefer denser collaboration inside a wiki others not, be it in the MathSongsForum or on their own Wiki in the WikiSeed farm or elsewhere. Some authors may like donation based MathSongs others not; some may prefer to adhere to some OpenMusicLicence, others not. Now the proposed minimal set or membership rule suggestion: 1. BidirectionalLinks 2. ContributorList

This raw nowiki-marked text is meant to be exposed temporarily in Meatball for later being moved to the peered MathSongsWiki, connected via friendly mutual links.

Feb 22, 2002, 09:45 PST FridemarPache

Science Songs

Currently 2002/01/02, Google shows 195 entries: http://www.google.com/search?q=ScienceSongs


Math Songs

in the Web are explored from here.

As the Meatball Wiki is indexed by Google, visitors from Google are invited to post their favorite links for MathSongs? here, because this way the real gems can be discoverd with more ease.

Googling (Mathematics songs) brought 98000 entries , date: 2002/01/02: Google:Mathematics+Songs, Google:MathSongs, Google:MathSongsWiki Google:Science+Songs, Google:ScienceSongs, Google:ScienceSongsWiki

-- FridemarPache

Fridemar, you should check out http://students.washington.edu/crowther/SciSongs/lyrics.html (Science Songs). --SebPaquet

Something for smiling and as inspiration for choosing themes:

Computer Science Songs

A Science Song is a piece of music, that (w;-)raps scientific knownledge into the form of a song. (There is a lot to say about this new edutainment trend, so this paragraph is a candidate to move to a separate Wikipage, as soon as there is enough interest to produce critical mass.)

To create ScienceSongs? might qualify for a Wiki community.

Here is a list (in the prestate of Computer Science ;-):

- http://www.poppyfields.net/filks/fullindex.html

Was there a computer song in the famous Schoolhouse Rock series?


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