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This page is here to form a ConsensusGroup about anti-spam measures within the MeatBall community, and to document measures already in place within the MeatballWiki script. Most blocked edits are logged: see all [IPs who've had edits blocked in the last 28 days].


Put your name down if you want to be an active member of MB's anti-spam committee.

MB Defenses

Dissolving the ConsensusGroup

The spam problem is solved, at least for now. I suggest we dissolve the consensus group and turn this page into a simple list of what anti-spam measures are in place on MeatballWiki. We can then use this as a reference for future MB scripts.

As a final act of the group, I propose we remove the two "anything matching..." rules above, as a quick scan of the blocked edits log reveals they are not being triggered anyway.

Any objections to either proposal? 3 March is the SilentAgreement deadline. -- ChrisPurcell

See also MeatballAntiSpamArchive

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