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This page is for discussion of MeatballDigest, both discussion of the entries, and discussion about that page itself.

What to put on MeatballDigest

The Meatball digest should...

The idea is not for this to be a collective blog, in which people add new individual thoughts for everyone else to see, but rather to reflect afterwards on how we have been collectively thinking.

Comments / Discussion

The MeatballDigest is going a little bit stale. I've added a 'latest' section, which I think helps to give the impression that this information is either fresh, or will be fresh soon. I also wrote the above to give some inspiration. I don't have a good enough feel for what's been happening, to make sumary for 2005 myself. -- HarryWood

I just posted something on MeatballDigest reporting on an argument. To head off any dispute over ForgiveAndForget, I'd like to point out that it's incredibly confusing for me when an argument takes place while I'm gone, to die down and be mostly deleted, and then for me to come back and find either cryptic references to the argument or to be scolded for fraternizing with the enemy (when I don't even know who the enemy is, why they are the enemy, or if I agree that they should be). To save others from this scenario I'd like to report such things on MeatballDigest. (although in the case of LionKimbro, all I've provided so far is the fact that there was an argument of some sort, and that some of us couldn't follow it too well).

-- BayleShanks

I just moved some disputed digest text from MeatballDigest to here. My idea is that if someone disagrees with some of the text in MeatballDigest, they should move the text at issue to this page and respond here; this will help keep the page MeatballDigest concise.

-- BayleShanks

To be maximally useful, this needs SubscribedChanges, without or without the email features.

What does WardsWiki do along these lines?

Nothing after Cliff left.



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