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Prompted by SebPaquet's idea of a wiki journalist to help us all keep up with things, this community-written page is for "keeping us up to date" on what is going on within MeatBall.

Let's keep these summaries very concise. See MeatballDigestDiscussion for discussion (both discussion of the entries, and discussion about the page itself).

latest (2005)

See RecentChanges to get a feel for the kind of work taking place here lately (...not been digested yet)

December 2004


Sunir starts to dig deep into the perceived problems of academic life and publishing. Will ideas like OpenAcademics and NetworkAcademics change the way how science is accomplished? PhilJones contributes a lot of fresh ideas and interesting perspectives.

There is a gap from April to December 2004. A lot happened, but no-one summarized it here.

March 2004


Created the new page PersonalIdentification as inspired by Marx (1999) and Donath (1999). Led to creation of IdentifyingBehaviour and IdentifyingSignal; and minor edits to BasisForPseudonymity, OffensiveName, WalledIdentity. Also urged the creation of AltHackers, which in turn led to some new SoftSecurity patterns. Inspired by AltHackers, the new PricklyHedge pattern gets a little more ThreadMess, which lead to the new ideas SpeedBump? and ScareCrow?.

Relatedly, AnonymousIdentity gets a rant on the myth of neutrality.

SURVEY: Citations?

More references dropped on WhatIsaTroll and WhatIsaStalker led to starting a survey on the page AcademicCitation re: how annoying are uncooked references?

Stuff from Sunir's LiveJournal

Over the month, I've pasted in some things I've written for class, such as the GreyAlbum, WhatIsSoftware, HackerCulture, and UdellOnGroupware. I followed up locally on the GreyAlbum with the RightToDerive. -- SunirShah


Construction of CategoryHacking. Inspired small refactorings around ElectronicFrontierFoundation. Pulled some stuff from BruceSterling, and made a link to JohnPerryBarlow. This page needs help. Also linked jpb on WholeEarthLectronicLink. Plus inspired a long overdue message on PerlAdvocacy.

CopyLeft CyberPunk ElectronicFrontierFoundation HackerCrackdown-->TheHackerCrackdown HackerCulture HackingAtNight IncompatibleTimesharingSystem JargonFile NetHack RichardStallman SnowCrash BoilerHacking FakeMail


I decided to try my hand at DigestedChanges by copying&pasting tonight's slew of edits and refactoring them into something coherent. Plus/minus?

February 2004

A matter of ontology

Approaches to LinkPatternÿ?0ÿ and reverse indices are considered in UseMentionProblem.

January 2004

The case of A, a troll

"A" starts a ForestFire, and, after a lengthy and extremely civil process of community response, he becomes an UnwelcomeVisitor (see ExileLog). During the incident his behavior causes a detailed examination of trolls and TrollingTacticÿ?1ÿ.

The CommunityWiki conflict rumbles on

HelmutLeitner tries to have an IrcLionSunirDiscussion?.

Time to clear up CategoryRealNames

Today, SockPuppet, tommorow, the UseRealNamesDiscussion!

Still trying to figure out membership

See CommunityMember, GuestRole, VisitorRole, MemberRole

November 2003

EvanProdromou grapples with technological determinism

Well, we've all heard that IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome, but isn't that just a CommunityCopout?


We mumble our mumblings.

CategoryCartography and the nature of space

SunirShah is writing a term paper on MappingCyberspace. These have been a lot of small changes, but see SemanticSpace for the beginnings of a big idea.

Incomprehensible social stuff

Some sort of interpersonal stuff happens last week but it is impossible to follow, as intended.

End game

SunirShah begins his final push towards the new MeatballMission, on MeatballMissionDiscussion.

MeatBall's Values

SunirShah writes a list of MeatBall's values on MeatballMission.


The page MemberWiki is a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of membership in wikis (in general, and for MeatballWiki in particular). HelmutLeitner (an advocate of the idea) is leading the discussion.

October 2003

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

SunirShah attempts to become an AbsentLeader for a week, and tries to explicitly devolve responsibility during his absence.


An OpenContent wiki has been started to fill the need for an OpenContentMeatballWiki. Using a new NearLink strategy it encloses MeatBall. Will this coexistance be symbiotic or parasitic?

LionKimbro scuffle

There was some sort of scuffle involving LionKimbro. It was pretty hard to follow because there was a ton of text, much of it unsigned back-and-forth, and the change log was soon truncated.

SubWiki activity

There was a cluster of activity on pages relating to SubWiki, PageClusters, NearLink, WikiNameSpace, and the like. AlexSchroeder, MartinHarper, ChrisPurcell, HelmutLeitner, and ThomasWaldmann seem to be most involved here.


A request for community members to state their personal goals for Meatball. See MeatBall:back=GoalStatement for a listing.


The page RadicalInclusiveness is a rather active discussion on how inclusive MeatballWiki should be.

September 2003


SpaghettiWiki discussion, spawned by SunirShah's idea at the top of the page SpaghettiWiki (which suggested what is now called a ParallelWiki). This discussion spread to other pages, under the umbrella page CategorySpaghetti. In line with BrainstormMode, however, they were all temporary, and have mostly been deleted by now.

CategoryMeatball CategoryRoadmap


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