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MeatballWiki, UseModWiki, and the DesignBibliography experienced a massive file system crash on August 14th, 2006. While the other sites were recoverable, the MeatballWiki Postgres Database had to be recovered from a tape backup (along with the entire UNIX install) dated August 2.

Using Google and MSN caches, we have obtained more recent copies of pages, available from http://usemod.com/MB-Recovery. ChristopheDucamp has also organised some more recoveries at http://www.communitywiki.org/odd/Xtof/MeatballWikiParTerre. A more thorough analysis needs to be done. Currently, we are missing the latest copies of:

We would also be greatly aided by copies of pages more recent than 12 August, which is the time of the last pass of Google's cache through RecentChanges, and any which list changes made between the 2nd and 5th of August, which is not covered by either cached copy of RecentChanges found so far.

We have yet to go through the Apache logs to find edit/POST pairs to see which pages were edited.

1. Sunir speaking
2. Chris speaking
3. Recovery
3.1. How to access Cache in your browser ?
3.1.1. Other Languages
3.2. Recovered
3.3. Still to recover

1. Sunir speaking

I'm in Copenhagen now on route to WikiSym. Now that I have a free high speed connection at the hostel (and I am being a bastard monopolizing it), I've recovered the system from the full tape backup of the server from August 2. I'll go through the Apache logs tomorrow (Saturday), I guess.

I am going to look into a more resilient backup system. While our ISP's system backup is actually fine for the system as a whole, we should go back to the nightly backups that were happening a year ago (or more).

I would like to discuss this at WikiSym and perhaps move towards a governance committee. Some things that are necessary and obvious to do just cannot get done with only two people.

P.S. You can SMS me at +91 (98) 6779-1832 if you want to meet up. I won't accept calls as I only have 150 rupees left on the phone.

2. Chris speaking

Just in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick (e.g. concluding that PostgreSQL? must be at fault if it broke while the other sites were fine), the symptoms of the file system crash were as follows:

Meatball was probably the hardest hit damage-wise because it is the most frequently hit visitor-wise. Aside from the PostgreSQL? database, which actually vanished completely, we also suffered massive corruption to Perl (which no longer booted), and many of the tools used by the server hosts. Swathes of shared libraries vanished, or turned into directories. Eventually, we gave up trying to restore damaged files manually, and simply reverted the entire filesystem to an earlier revision, saving only the pagebases of the still-viable sites.

If anyone knowledgeable in UNIX can tell us what went wrong, we would be most grateful. As far as I can tell, the only triggering actions were the server's disk allocation being filled up, and a subsequent run of fsck. -- ChrisPurcell

3. Recovery

3.1. How to access Cache in your browser ?

How do you read the files in these folders? What application?

3.1.1. Other Languages

Some instructions in LangueFrançaise are dropped on CraoWiki:SosMeatballWiki.

3.2. Recovered

Page name Cached (date) Source Person recovering
AcademicalVillage 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
CategoryLearningCommunity? -> CategoryEducation -- -- JS
CommunicationRole 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
CommunityWiki 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
DesignBibliography 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
DiscourseAnalysis 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
DougSchuler 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
GlobalOnlineCommunity 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
GreenCheese 10 Aug 2006 Google JS
HoneyBee 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
LinkingWithoutIndexing 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
MeatballForWikiResearchers 12 Aug 2006 Google JS
MeatballOutreachDiscussion 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
ModeAccord16 July 2006 GoogleCD
OpenALUtilityToolkit 10 Aug 2006 Google JS
OpenLeader 10 Aug 2006 Google JS
OperatingSystemSecurityForCommunitySecurity 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
OutingMode 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
PeerToPeerWiki 10 Aug 2006 Google JS
PublicationsWiki 11 Aug 2006 Google CD
RecentChangesCamp 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
ReinventingTheWheel 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
RotThirteen 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
SisterSitesImplementationGuide 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
TourBus 14 Aug 2006 Google JS
UseRealNamesForWomenDiscussion 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
WhatIsaCommunity 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
WhatIsCulture 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
WikiInTheNews 14 Aug 2006 Google JS
WikiNet 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
WikiPublications 11 Aug 2006 Google JS
WikiResearch 13 Aug 2006 Google JS
WikiSchool? 11 Aug 2006 Google JS Refactored as WikiInEducation
WikiVersity 14 Aug 2006 Google JS

3.3. Still to recover

English pages in the following directories:

French page translations in the following directories:


All of the RecentChanges from August 9-13 have been recovered except the following pages:
Great news. I've dropped here some complete new translations (impossible to find any cache pages and cannont find a way to find any content in URIs mentioned in the section above ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Page name Cached (date) DigestedSummary Originally posted by Recovered by
CommunautéApprentissage 13 August [fr:LearningCommunity - synchro] [CopyEdit: + CategoryEducation] ChristopheDucamp CD
RéinventerLaRoue 13 August [fr: ReinventingTheWheel] [fr,CopyEdit:typo] ChristopheDucamp CD
WikiNetFr 13 August [fr:WikiNet] ChristopheDucamp CD
CommunicationRole 12 August New communication role MarkDilley
ContratSocial 11 August [fr:SocialContract] ChristopheDucamp CD
DossierSociologie 11 August [fr:CategorySociology] ChristopheDucamp CD
WikiPersonnel 11 August [fr:WikiAsPim - translation in progress] ChristopheDucamp CD could translate
PageTranslation 11 August [fr:ajout GestionnaireInformationsPersonnelles et WikiPersonnel] ChristopheDucamp CD
GestionnaireInformationsPersonnelles 11 August [fr:PersonalInformationManager] ChristopheDucamp CD
PublicationsWiki 11 August [fr:translation WikiPublications] -> Help needed to find a link to JulienLevrel?'s work about French WikiPedia ChristopheDucamp
WikiInterviewLindseyHart 11 August [fr,CopyEdit:typo] ChristopheDucamp
MeatballPourWikiChercheurs 11 August [fr,CopyEdit:MeatballForWikiResearchers typo] ChristopheDucamp CD
WikiSchoolFr? 10 August [fr:contenu à remanier] WikiSchool? Intro will be translated here in French ChristopheDucamp will not be backed up (shallow page)
WikiBiker 10 August [fr : HoneyBee translation, typo] ChristopheDucamp CD
PatternLanguageForLivingCommunication 10 August [fr:add LangueFrançaise translation] ChristopheDucamp
LangageDeFormesWiki 10 August [fr:synchro with WikiPatternLanguage] ChristopheDucamp
WikiPatternLanguage 10 August Blank HelmutLeitner
WikiIndex 10 August [CopyEdit: named + no-followed link to spammable z*pe.org] MarkDilley
NonIndexé 10 August [fr:NotIndexed] ChristopheDucamp
PageRankFr 10 August [fr:translation of PageRank] ChristopheDucamp CD
VraieVie 10 August [fr, CopyEdit:typo] ChristopheDucamp
MarketingCommunauté 09 August [fr:add WikiNetFr] ChristopheDucamp



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