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Task completion


When you (i.e. anyone) agree to take on a task from the pending queue below, move it to this list and sign your name.


Known, but unscheduled tasks. Useful for meta-tasks (e.g. set up a SVN repository) as well as community requests that have been a) accepted into the design, b) decomposed into tasks.


Community requests go here. Please limit descriptions to one or two sentences. If you need to say more, create a Pattern page in the MeatballWiki style. Requests may be deferred if they are too difficult to do in the short term or do not yet mesh with the design, and further deliberation is needed to move them forward.

1.1. To do

  1. Learn how the unit tests work in RubyOnRails?
  2. Write unit tests (concurrently)
  3. Refactor until we agree on separation of Model, View and Controller
  4. Build support for international StringTable?s
  5. Write more unit tests (concurrently)

1.2. To install Sablotron with Javascript

This is a work-in-progress based on ChrisPurcell's experiences installing PHP with Sablotron + JS extensions, first on his own computer, then on MB.

  1. Download and compile spidermonkey (Mozilla's C-based Javascript interpreter; need to manually copy relevant files from dist to /usr/local)
  2. Download and compile Sablotron 1.0.2, ensuring it uses JS (./configure --enable-javascript)
  3. Optional: Download and compile PHP 4.3, ensuring it uses Sablotron with JS (./configure --enable-mbstring --enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot --with-sablot-js)
  4. Download and compile [the experimental Ruby interface to Sablotron] (need to add have_library('js', 'JS_SetPrototype') to extconf.rb)

1.3. Done



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