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1. The Goal

Also being considered:

I never really considered MySQL? for serious stuff because of the long-time non–ACID compliance. If you want to use PgSQL?, you might look into the tsearch2 contrib module for full-text indexing/searching. -- anon

And everything listed as an InfiniteMonkey goal.

2. MVC choices

Model Controller View Client-side
Original plan Rails on MySQL? Rails Ruby templates Javascript
Current plan Rails on MySQL? Rails XSLT with Javascript extensions Javascript
Possible final goal Javascript on SQL Javascript XSLT with Javascript extensions Javascript and XSLT

Historical text from the original InfiniteMonkey. To be collated.

Here are the directions that it has to go in order to be a viable player on the web. Note that topics that require further discussion are listed in their own sections after this little list.

-- SunirShah

Some new goals as of 2005:

-- SunirShah

3. Discussion

What are the odds of some sort of collaboration with other engines that have similar goals?

While originally I was thinking of a template-centric view originally, with InfiniteMonkey being a "workbench" for people to upgrade the base script, that is still too monolithic. I'm now thinking of a MicroKernel? view — of a sorts. MicroKernel?s don't work, but the cleaner the joins between one part of the system and the other, the more that can be built upon it (cf. StableBase). A strong OnlineCommunity should not just be a single hypertext, but it should be a NetworkService? (as inspired by TheProcessedBook). The architecture should somehow follow the people, rather than holding them hostage to some ridiculous interface. The UserInterface should be a client of the data server. If another engine already has a good interface, it may be better to connect the two rather than put everything into one monolithic project. Meatball should be ready for the upcoming DeathOfTheWeb lest it die with it, or lest it be forced to follow. -- SunirShah

Totally agree (except for upcoming death of the web? I guess I haven't been keeping up). See also [IntComm:ModularWiki]. The idea of breaking a WikiEngine into web service components is a special case of [OneBigSoup] (in [OneBigSoup] , the modules interoperate not only with other wiki components, but also with other online communications frameworks). And, a special case of [IntComm:ModularWiki] is [InterWikiSoftware:WikiWindow] (in [InterWikiSoftware:WikiWindow], the backend and the client are separated; in [IntComm:ModularWiki], each of those is in turn split into more, smaller pieces too). -- BayleShanks

Goddamn, I hate FreeLinks. I just wanted to make that clear. -- SunirShah, hacking

And then... nothing is nicer than seeing 109 tests succeed, 0 failed. Naturally, the next thing I do is break my code. The confidence of tests. -- SunirShah

I repeat. I hate FreeLinks. -- SunirShah

FileAttachment?s were remarkably easier, although still a pain. Somehow I am now up to 121 tests all of a sudden. -- SunirShah

By using the idea of "uploading a file onto a page" I was able to use all the SoftSecurity measures built into the wiki for file uploads as well — reverting, versions, authors, RecentChanges, etc. Attachments (ie. attaching files to existing pages) seemed to thwart SoftSecurity. How did you solve these issues? -- AlexSchroeder

I actually replicated the interface and metaphor from OddMuse, since it's ideal. (The code is different.) Attachments are really the wrong term, for this exact reason, so I've avoided writing the page. Socialtext uses 'attachments' just like e-mail. I'm not a fan. -- SunirShah

Working on the login & security system (yeah yeah, LoginsAreEvil). I actually store the user's preferences directly in their namepage as hidden fields. Let's see how far I can go without creating a new data structure. This thing is taking longer than I thought. It will take up to 3 days now. The nice thing about a clean dispatch system is that security is trivial. -- SunirShah

Today there are 112 categories in CategoryCategory. Perhaps all these categories are not related to each other or perhaps there is some limit of categories for any wiki which suggests that a new wiki should be spawned. I am going to suggest that a new wiki interface have a navigation sidebar containing categories. This I think would speed navigation and lead to more focus around a particular wiki theme … (assuming the wiki communitity actually wanted that). Of course, this would only work with bounded wiki categories. -- BobMcIsaac

Is UseMod 2.0 still in development, or has it been superseded by InfiniteTypewriter?

Basically, it's a version management problem:

So the answer is that UseModWiki 2.0 is not mine to answer and InfiniteTypewriter is indeterminate at this point. -- SunirShah

Could the current MeatBall version of UseModWiki be the next version?

Most of the features of UseModWiki — e.g. customizability, ease of installation, large community-built set of extensions, and lots of real-world testing on different machines — have been lost over time as the MB engine was developed. I'd say, a pretty big no here. -- ChrisPurcell

Another MVC choice could be the [Catalyst] framework. It's not so polished as the Ruby on Rails one - but it's in Perl so some code could be moved there directly from the current implementation and also it supports UTF8 in the language (as opposed to Ruby which is coding agnostic and does not support unicode in the language). -- ZbigniewLukasiak

Is it possible to see the code so far? I ask because I the description are written as to invite collaboration, yet I couldn't find an address of any repository or any snapshot. I'm sorry if I just didn't look close enough. -- RadomirDopieralski

Does InfiniteTypewriter have any code at all, or is it just a vision on this WikiPage at this time? -- SamRose

http://www.BibWiki.com runs on it, but I don't have time to package up the code. -- SunirShah



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