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Still as part of the InfiniteMonkey/InfiniteTypewriter project, I've recently got my groove going coding a new wiki with Python's [Pylons], a fantastic framework drawing on the best of other Python frameworks (e.g. SQLAlchemy) and other web frameworks (e.g. Rails). Starting from the basic [Pylons QuickWiki tutorial code], I've got the following features online:

I'm so excited by server-side Javascript. My plan is to also have both RecentChanges and PageHistory created solely in Javascript. Not only does this trivially allow the dynamically-generated content to match the statically-served pages, it also allows us to DevolvePower over these three critical community interfaces. -- ChrisPurcell

Huh, I'm learning Pylons myself but I didn't realize you could easily do server-side javascript. So does that mean that you can allow Javascript-capable clients to use client-side Javascript, but to use the same Javascript server-side for the purpose of rendering pages for clients which don't themselves support Javascript (without writing the Javascript rendering code twice)? -- BayleShanks

It's not part of Pylons as such; I used the python-spidermonkey library. (My advice: get the source from subversion, it works better, and if you're using the standard Pylons policy of a sandboxed Python install, you'll need to do the last step of copying a lib file to $PYLONS_HOME/lib yourself.) Yes, that is a key advantage! -- ChrisPurcell

Btw, I also recently heard of the [Pyjamas] Python->Javascript compiler. There's also a smaller project, [pejs], to write a python bytecode interpreter in javascript. Here's a page discussing [Pyjamas on the client and Pylons on the server]. -- BayleShanks



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