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As Web browsers are one important base tool for online-communities, it would be nice to have a place to list all known browsers, together with comments on how these browsers support community building (e.g. macros, addons, etc. for allowing more efficient writing/annotating/navigating the collaborative places of the Web). For the wiki community a (refactoring) WikiBrowser is urgently needed.

You think BadBrowsersMustDie and you are looking for an alternative? (See below for text-based alternatives.)

A list of the most common browsers is given at [yahoo]

Recommendations ....

...but bear in mind that many browsers are moving very fast, particularly Mozilla and its children. Many comments below may be out of date

Notice that Amaya is not on the list. Beyond the fact that the proxy software doesn't quite work right and thus I can't use it at work, it displays all the GUI savvy and layout savvy of early Mosaic browsers. BTW, under Debian, you can still apt-get Mosaic.

I tried Galeon, Mozilla in summer 2001 and was not impressed. At home I use a TextBrowser, now, and at work I continue using Netscape 4.7. -- AlexSchroeder

I would highly recommend: Galeon, Konqueror, Mozilla, as primary browsers, in roughly that order. I've been using Galeon exclusively since ~March, 2001. More on my browser reviews and preferences at http://kmself.home.netcom.com/Linux/FAQs/browsers.html. --KarstenSelf 2 Oct 2001

I must definitely applaud KHTML as an impressive piece of work, and proof that there can be non-IE solutions. The trick now is to make non-Flash solutions. Of course, my input to the SVG working group is largely ignored, but I'm trying. ;) -- SunirShah


For RecentChangesJunkies who just can't get enough: Wiki sidebars for OPera, IE, Mozilla.

See UseMod:SideBar



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