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You open Mozilla (MozillaBrowser) or NetscapeSix? (NetScape) and it comes with a series of boxes down the left-hand side, under the words "My Sidebar". This is the MozillaSidebar, and you can program your own boxes. There's just a few things to remain aware of:

Here's how I did it in NetscapeSix?.

  1. Exit the browser
  2. Find the panels.rdf file.
  3. Edit it.

Here is an example of an empty sidebar except for the Meatball entry. The idea is by DaveJacoby and the content is from his [portal].

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <RDF:RDF xmlns:NC="http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#"
    <RDF:Description about="urn:sidebar:current-panel-list"
      <NC:panel-list resource="rdf:#$wjDdh"/>
    <RDF:Description about="file:///C:/WINNT/Profiles/ASC.000/Anwendungsdaten/Mozilla/Profiles/alex/zvh4usjb.slt/"
		     NC:exclude="navigator:browser" />
    <RDF:Description about=""
		     NC:exclude="navigator:browser" />
    <RDF:Description ID="meatball"
		     NC:content="http://csociety.ecn.purdue.edu/~jacoby/Portal/Includes/meatball.html" />
    <RDF:Seq about="rdf:#$wjDdh">
      <RDF:li resource="#meatball"/>


I managed to get this working in MozillaBrowser 0.9.7 - very neat, thanks for documenting this. I have now done a basic sidebar for TWiki as well. You can also use a URL to auto-add a panel to the sidebar - see the javascript: URL used to add the TWiki sidebar in TWiki:Codev/MozillaSidebar. -- RichardDonkin

You can now do this with InternetExplorer - see InternetExplorerSidebar.

OperaBrowser has a similar feature - see OperaHotList?.


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