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As promised in LicensingMusic I feel the need to contribute to a specialized Wiki (searching appropriate Wikis, hosts, ecommerce providers, suggesting (features) and offering my own compositions/performances as mp3 files).

Since Meatball seems the ideal generator for new wiki communities I start here in the hope that likeminded people get attracted to realize the common dream.

Lets start with the copy of a public email to some ecommerce provider in ContactsMusicWiki.

Meanwhile MathSongsWiki has started, inviting contributors.

Feb 22, 2002, 09:38 PST FridemarPache

ComposerPlanet has also started, though it's deveopment is quite slow...I'm quite busy with outside bits. Nice that the WikiNow exists. --LukeStark


I have been trying to figure out this wiki http://www.musicbrainz.org/cgi-bin/wiki/wiki.pl?HomePage because I am not sure it is an open community. check it out and see what you think, MarkDilley
There is a new (as of July 2004) community called MusicWiki at http://www.music-wiki.org. Articles featuring MusicWiki are available under GNU Free Documentation License (similar to WikiPedia). Community is up and running and needs contributors.


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