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AndriusKulikauskas: I'm writing down my vision of how ProWiki and other technologies might meet the needs of our MinciuSodas laboratory and related networks.

Assumptions about a fractal wiki and desired functionality

Andrius's Wishes for ProWiki

Andrius, I don't think that such specific issues are OnTopic for the mb community. Shouldn't we move this elsewhere? It also has little to do with WikiFractality, so the page title is misleading. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut: I do not feel I should make a comment directly related to the subjects of this page. However, I would like to suggest that the discussion of "context" (and perhaps even WikiFractality) is very much OnTopic within MeatBall. I make this suggestion only because much of my recent work in this area (which I have not had time to post in an acceptable format) has benefited from being able to at least "lurk" in the background, watching these idea develop. If you do decide to proceed elsewhere, I would aprreciate being informed of the location, assuming that there is no objection to allowing me to monitor the information. -- HansWobbe

Hans, I agree with you that the general aspects are of interest here - otherwise I would have suggested to delete e. g.WikiFractality. The same is true of OurCulture? and its needs. On the other hand, the binding of domains to parts of a wiki (what Andrius calls "branding") is a very specific function - just one example of hundreds of possible fractal properties - that has special implementation problems we are fighting with ... and this seems OffTopic to me here. It would be great to discuss the idea of branding, but maybe on a page OurCultureBranding?. Fractality is abstract imho, not bound to a specific property. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut: Thanks for explaining this a bit more. I especially apprecaite your statement that ...

I've been woring with TransClusion quite a bit lately, and have been too focused on aspects of deeply nested objects, especially with respect to naming conventions or "LocalNames?" patterns. Being tightly focused, I was looking at this within a few very specific contexts (particular 'properties') and failed to rememebr that there are other levels of abstraction. -- HansWobbe

Helmut, I checked the MeatballMission and I think this page is OnTopic: Help others relate. BarnRaising. Meatball is a BarnRaising community. We help others with their projects in return for them helping us with ours. Also, I personally benefit from not separating the abstract concepts and the specific concepts, especially because I am here primarily interested in the specific concepts, and the abstract concepts only if they are useful regarding them. On the other hand, Helmut, you are the creator of ProWiki, so it makes sense to me that we discuss the issues in the places where you would find most useful. Then again, you suggested that I participate here at MeatballWiki. So I appreciate your direction and I expect this will sort itself out. But I don't have the energy for abstract discussion unless I can ground it in specific issues that we're working on. Thank you! --Andrius Kulikauskas

Hans, thank you for your comments and interest. It's a pleasant surprise, the kind I was hoping for. --Andrius Kulikauskas

Andrius, I think that - in the interest of the author and serving a topic - each discussion should take place where it find most interest and response and helps the audience. MeatballWiki is a place where hosts and regulars representing many different wiki communities and engines meet. They are interested in all aspects of communities, concepts and software, to learn and use this at "home", e. g. cloning a feature. On the other hand the details of a help-desk-bug-reporting-process are boring detail, which usually interests only a few people directly involved. It will be better placed in the specialized support systems (ProWikiCenter in this case) because the chance is higher to get observations or ideas from other engine users. Your concept of branding is new and everyone here at meatball should know about it, just as everyone should know about spam or standardisation processes and many other topics. But the details of solving branding implementation problems are not. Perhaps I've just misplaced an "if" and we do extensive testing and talk back and forth to reproduce and eliminate the problem. There is nothing to learn from this for 95% of readers here, which are not-ProWiki users.

This touches OffTopic and TargetGroup. Maybe EffectivePlaceFormProcess?. -- HelmutLeitner


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