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OutingMode (perhaps there is a better name) is a hypothetical collaboration mode, in the spirit of DocumentMode, ThreadMode and BrainstormMode. It seems widely used in professional BBS systems (like HowardRheingold's "brainstorms community"). It is rare in wikis, although it would help people to become more open about personal things.

The main idea of the OutingMode is to start a series contributions by an emotional and athmospheric story and by inviting the participants to contribute in resonance on the same level, their personal experiences (funny or sorry), hopes and dreams. Not formally but actually forbidden is any kind of discussion, criticism or intellectual analysis. Instead people try to connect and resonate with "this reminds me ..." or "I had a similar experience ..." and tell a personal story. So, if OutingMode succeeds, the result is a series of emotional, personal stories. Related questions (founder, host or moderator problems):

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