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What about open collaboration in a wiki how to realize a PayPerView for creative wikizen, practising ExtremeOpenBusiness.

From MicroPayment

Do you mean pay to have access to a wiki? Would have to be subscription based rather than per-per-page otherwise people would get upset if their edits got clobbered just after they paid for them. Voluntary payments for interesting content (ie. if that was interesting for you click here http://2cw.org/188428 ) is probably the best way to do any PayPerView, otherwise you just have plain old e-commerce; pay me some money and I'll give you something of value. --AndrewMcMeikan

Via Google I revisited this page with your (currently unavailable) link. Readers of this page might be interested to have a look on the Amazon PayPage system. -- fp

Meanwhile I replaced the obsolete term e-commerce enabled wiki by "a wiki, practising ExtremeOpenBusiness", which produces more actual links.

Andrew, I didn't think in this context to restrict wiki access on a PPV base; I guess we can realize together much more attractive solutions, how

Call for collaboration:

to develop and practise income solutions for wikizens:

Suggested solutions:

-- FridemarPache,


<=> Wiki:PayPerView


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