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Hello Meatballers!

I am a software engineer working for the last seven years on [LIGO], the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory. All the code we write is Public Domain (or maybe owned by Caltech... though I don't recall signing anything, so I wonder... oh well) until at some future time the DoD declares it all to be munitions.

I installed a modified version of the UseModWiki at my site, the [Silverlake Linux Users Group]. This is the main work site for an educational LUG whose purpose is to give a few kids in a relatively depressed part of Los Angeles an alternative to burger-flipping in the form of really solid network admin skills.

Phil, welcome to MeatballWiki! It's great that you grow a wiki for these kids. I even know someone, Rupert Payer at Kirchbach (Austria), who is about to do the same in a rural village context. It would be good if he could learn from your experiences. Maybe this is one of the really important wiki applications. -- HelmutLeitner

Well, we may be more than two years late, but hi also :) -- ChrisPurcell

Oh, ah, thank you! However, things don't always work out as we would like, and my grand scheme for educating the masses turned out to be beyond me. The wiki at inferno is nevertheless active, as is the Transcode wiki (http://www.transcoding.org) which is also hosted from the machine in my kitchen that hosts inferno -- PhilEhrens



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