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Looking for a place to park a new political cartoon:


Hey PhlIp. I don't think MeatballWiki is the place. Why not GreenCheese?

Because GC, AFAIK, deigns not to muck with trivial temporal concerns like our day-to-day politics.

Neither does MeatballWiki.

How about trying something on Wiki:WikiFarms? Also, I heard of a free cartoon hosting site -- BayleShanks

The free comics site is http://www.keenspot.com , home of my main menace, http://www.brunothebandit.com

Thanks but I am not jonesin' for a free comics site. http://www.greencheese.org/SonseOne is an excellent feature fit between my style, my site requirements, and the GreenCheese charter.

I have >casually< assumed that MeatballWiki was about culture online. I would not have tested that assumption in any bulk capacity without reading the home page. But, as SunirShah has pointed out, MW is about online culture, so it is correct that we do not deign to commit observations of the petty folk rituals so earnestly attended by Normos.

I tried to start an online political wiki once, and I will probably try again. Knock on wood.



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