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A pictorial wiki is the result of a thought experiment on WhatIsaWiki: what would an open, organic, observable visual wiki look like?

An organic pictorial wiki could allow a community to map and explore a real world location, such as a village or town, or a fantasy one. Note that some form of textual communication — likely contained within or associated with a concept — might be helpful for community building, depending on the situation; alternatively, textual information such as community rules and individual messageboards could be incorporated simply by drawing the text! -- ChrisPurcell

I don't know what the wiki would look like, but I'm sure the vandalism would be porn. :)

More seriously, SecondLife runs on some of the above ideas. It's not wiki-like in the sense that members can't edit other people's work, but there are many facsinating visual experience going on within the community. If I wasn't on dialup, I'd spend some time touring that universe. -- StephenGilbert

Another idea: allow wiki-like annotation of existing visual media.

Do you consider such combinations to satisfy WhatIsaWiki — open, organic and observable? I personally would think that neither is fully open, as important parts are not editable by the entire audience, nor organic, especially in the linking structure. -- ChrisPurcell

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