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[SecondLife] is an incidence of a MetaVerse. There you find a VR world community with ca. 6 million users, who build, script, learn, socialize, buy, sell, trade and donate. Their internal currency can be converted into real dollars. All creations remain the property of their residents. The system supports the CreativeCommons license.

See Wiki:SecondLife and CommunityWiki:SecondLife for a good introduction. It uses the WorldMetaphor.

SecondLife has a private notecard-system, serving for exchanging information. This system cries for getting transformed into a Wiki or at least into personal wikis. So I go to Wiki:WikiEnginesWanted and make a suggestion there, with a backlink to here.

-- FridemarPache


There has been a bit of discussion regarding the business opportunities inherent in providing Foreign Exchange services for Communities such as this. If there is any interest, these thoughts could be collected in a central location in an effort to create a critical mass large enough to trigger some action. -- HansWobbe

When chosing a 'login' for second life, you are prompted to choose false surname. This seems very odd to me, especially as you seem to be expected to remember it. I guess the makers don't believe in the benefits of UseRealNames and this an attempt to actively discourage it. Or maybe there's other reasons behind it. -- HarryWood

Hey Harry, yes that's right. So do you want to start an initiative: RealNamesForSecondLife?. I even suggest to combine it with a WhoIsName?, WhoIsNamesForSecondLife?. I DiiGo and Google this page with all three VirtualTwinPage names and would be happy, if you joined the [DiigoGroupSecondLife]. Or would you prefer, that I take a copy of your contribution into the Diigo group? Or shall we leave your seed contribution first in an incubation state? -- [fridemar]

DiiGo: [1], [2], [3] Go: [RealNamesForSecondLife], [WhoisName], [WhoisNamesForSecondLife]



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