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PlainLink is an attempt to make a wiki that supports the natural 'linking' that occurs in a person's mind when they read or hear regular, plain text.



Terms may contain spaces, are case insensitive, never need CamelCase or []'s or '-' or '_' or an type of LinkSyntax?. Each term links whenever the database contains a page title that matches that term. This means most page titles will contain spaces, but the href for the URL could still replace the space with a '_' to avoid the ugly %20 in the address bar.


For instance, if there were a page defining the Term "Corporate Goals", then any other page that contained the phrase "corporate goals" in it's text (irrespective of case) would generate a hyperlink to the "Corporate Goals" page.

So, by writing:

Corporate goals have erroneously been separated from governmental and communal goals.

Would cause the "Corporate Goals" page to link in the rendered HTML even though it is not surrounded by []'s, is not CamelCase, and has no _ or - between words.

By doing this, the definitions made by the community become transparent - or 'exposed' to those that are not already "in the know" about their existence.

A perfect implementation will be much more work.

We would also want to capture singular and plural variations with and without 'helper' words:

corporate goal
goals of incorporation
goal of a corporation
incorporate with the goal
incorporate for the purpose
goal of any corporation
reason corporations exist
goals of corporations
why we incorporate
goals of some corporations
why groups organize as a unified body
goals of all corporations
... seemingly infinite variations

Some of this can be done with regular expressions, but in the end, especially as synonyms are employed will require a parser and language analysis system maybe similar to what is used in text adventure games that try to determine what the player means.

Because of the high complexity it may seem Terms with spaces would be useless for now, but the applicability comes in those that are well known and do not vary or vary only slightly.




similar examples


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