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Making money or deriving other benefits from generating content is difficult. First, often it's not the material itself that generates benefits, but producing more control in a constant stream to keep your audience's interest. Second, it's very difficult to come up with new ideas every day. Many times if you have an idea, either you've produced material about it previously or someone else has scooped you.

Therefore, RepurposeContent. Change a few bits, regurgitate what's been done before. Bash that idea into the ground by saying it a thousand different times in a thousand different ways. Explore every angle. Talk about how you're talking about it.

One idea can be used hundreds of times before it gets worn out.

But, after a while--anywhere from a week to six months--the idea gets tiresome to the public. They don't want to hear it anymore because they get it. They know. You have nothing left to say about it. They want you to move on.

Fortunately, if you wait long enough, you can RepurposeContent that people have forgotten about. Call it a Renaissance, call it retro. Whatever. PostModernism? is the content generator's best excuse.

See also MemePool.

This is a joke. I'm laughing at myself because this is what I do. The only things I can think of writing here are what I've written elsewhere, and vice versa. So I will copy and paste text here, link to here. This doesn't seem honest, especially considering the shear volume of SunirsReadingDeficit?. But I'm only so smart. -- SunirShah



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