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RecentChanges is where the attention of contributors is. This is also where rapid postings of newcomers will be noticed. Some editors, fearing a ForestFire, will start "cleaning up" furiously, acting as a ColdBlanket. And the newcomer might leave.

You can avoid this by forcing yourself to respect newcomers, giving them some time, read, giving some little positive and encouraging feedback here and there, and save the heavy-duty editing for later.

This effectively means that all newcomers are granted a Schonzeit; this is the time period where hunting is forbidden so that animal populations can recover. During a week or two, controversial content that might be considered in BrainstormMode is just left there, for other people to expand upon, if they are interested. If by the end of the Schonzeit, everybody has forgotten about BrainstormMode, that is Ok. PageChurn will turn it up again eventually. If the page in question is still being edited, however, and still appears on RecentChanges, start the PeerReview. Bring out the ColdBlankets.

Technical Support

Wouldn't it be nice if RecentChanges could list all pages with the last edit being between two and four weeks old? This would allow dedicated editors to prevent ephemeral pages to just be forgotten. Somebody can look at those pages and see whether there is a hidden gem to be rescued, something that can be extracted onto a new page, and reappear on RecentChanges, and be further polished.

Perhaps it could be accessed via a URL like this: MeatBall:action=rc&days=28&skip=14 ?

But you can't always ReactLater.

Alternatively, use a WikiTag? such as "RefactorMe?" or "ReworkLater".
That's not a great idea here, at least. This page is for a concept, not a tag, and there are already pages linking to it that aren't marking bad prose! But it could work on another place, especially one that TwinPages with meatball.

WikiTag?s, WikiBadge?s, or whatever are really a waste of time. They never get followed up on, and so they are just clutter. -- SunirShah

that's because you have a shortage of Wiki:WikiGnomes! :)



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