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I'm User:ACupOfCoffee? from the HomestarRunnerWiki, WikiPedia, and ThisMightBeAWiki. (The username is a Homestar Runner reference. I first used it at HRWiki, and I'm just too lazy to think up a new one when I register elsewhere.)

By far I'm most active on [HRWiki], and that's the one where I feel most a part of the community. Visit my user page there for something more substantial than this. http://ww.hrwiki.org/index.php/User:ACupOfCoffee

Hi Sean! Welcome! the media wiki tour looks to be shaping up, I would say once you have 5 or 6 solid stops on the tour, it should go live. If I don't get Homestar up soon enough, please just go ahead and link it in on the front end. Best, MarkDilley

Cool to have a new tour bus line up! Best, MarkDilley

Cool Sean, will let you know when the TourBus stop is ready to go... and would love the redirect on MainPage? stuff for MediaWiki! Best, MarkDilley

Sean, have you seen the http://www.toomuchcoffeeman.com/ comic strip? -- SunirShah

That's pretty funny. Thanks for the link. --SeanFennel

Sean, any chance WikiQueer can be added to your MediaWiki bus route?



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