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Social Collaboration is shared work to create and share values.

In Online Communities we can restrict this definition to shared work over a Computer Network, which involves at least one server, which runs Social Software, that lets interact at least two users.

Currently the most popular Social Software packages are

preferably connected with or integrated into each other.

So far to the easy part. The tricky part is the definition of Values and how to create and share them.

Values can on the one hand be splitted into goods and services, digital or not digital and on the other hand into economical and non-economical values. So we get the following schema:

Digital GoodsDigital ServicesNon-digital GoodsNon-digital Services


v00 = ebooks, tutorials, text documents, movies, graphics, programs, all sorts of files, .., domains,.. prized

v01 = chat-, blog-, forum-, storage-, news-, Vr-platform-, news-, advertising- services, trading-services, .. ,prized.

v02 = .. , prized

v03 = .. , prized

v10 = freebies, all what you find under v00, but free

v11 = free "services" of providers and members of communities, they give each other, for building friendship, achievement, fun, stimulation, inspiration, learning, promotion etc.., + all v01 but without a fee.

v12 = .. , free

v13 = .. , free

This is a very rough sketch. To expand and systematize it, this would take some (wo-)man-years. Expanded in Online-communities however, the time to elaborate it, might be shortened considerably.

But the important point, the author wants to stress, is:

If nearly all digital goods can be created and shared, on a non-economical base, how "comes food on the table" for the creative peers?

(work in progress) -- FridemarPache



What are your suggestions to answer the key question? -- [fridemar]

Fridemar, given the number of pages you created containing "social" maybe you should start by WhatIsSocial according to your world view? -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you Helmut for posing the more abstract question What Is Social and for modularizing our discussion from start on, thus anticipating the task of later refactoring another big thread. (Do you allow WikiBlogging?) -- fridemar


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