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Upon Wikis that use a CamelCase LinkPattern, there are two options:

Displaying spaces in titles is an admission of sorts that spaces in links would be nice too, so this is an argument for FreeLinks.

For long titles, such as SqueakObjectOrientedProgramingWithMultiMediaApplications? or ImportanceOfIdentityInOnlineCommunities, the lack of spaces looks ugly, and can cause PageWidening?.

Sometimes spaces will be inserted in the wrong place, such as for ErikDeBill, which should really be displayed as Erik DeBill, not Erik De Bill.

Long titles are a TextSmell?: generally titles should be short and encourage AccidentalLinking.

SpacesInTitles might confuse newcomers and thus discourage editing. They also prevent users from copying a title into a page's text and get a link. On the other hand, they raise wiki pages' search engine profiles, because people don't search for WikiNames. Compare [1] and [2].

I think an EditableTitle with WikiNameCanonicalization would solve this problem admirably. -- SunirShah

On my [site], I started breaking up StudlyCaps? because the sidebar boxes were expanding, and BigLongUnbrokenStrings don't get broken, so the boxes expanded beyond the size I wanted. I don't care if this ever shows up as an option for page titles, but if we hack in direct RSS support, this is a problem that we'll have to deal with.



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