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A simple spell check after a page edit can be useful to improve quality. However, it should be possible to add words to the dictionary or else the dictionary may become useless. If you look at WikiWiki's thank you page closely, you'll notice that the list of misspelt words have checkboxes next to them. That is a remnant of the past when it was possible to add words to the dictionary (see WordList).

I'm currently working on some patches to implement a full-featured spell-checker into UseMod. Its ready for testing and running now, get more details and where to test it by clicking my signature! Diffs at http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/stonehenge.diff [cached (December 10, 2002)] from the UseMod 0.92 code base. -- EvanLanglois

 the above link does not work...

See also GrammarCheck?, LinkCheck, WikiLint.

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http://www.dontpokebadgers.com/spellchecker, an open source spellchecker, which has already been used in a [TWiki plugin]

What sort of features would be popular with a SpellChecker, which I think should be non-intrusive. I'm working on one at the moment (still doing modifications, features, and making it handle wiki better), but I was wondering if the community generally wants something like this, or is it seen as basically annoying, and what do people want in such a thing? -- EvanLanglois


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