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My name is Evan Langlois.

I'm currently working on a number of changes to the UseModWiki code, and I thought I'd hang out here on MeatBallWiki since this seems to be the cutting edge sight for changes. I'm a long-time Linux user, and have used many other OSs (won't say how far back). I'm certified in Unix, know multiple languages, and work most in PERL. I'm very new to the UseModWiki code though, so give me a little time.

My next project will likely be a WAP interface for my Wiki, simply detecting the WAP headers and issuing different content type and new tags. The first step will be XHTML compliance (using BR/ instead of BR, etc). A page will be presented as WML cards, with the horizontal lines of a wiki providing the basic dividers between cards (with longer sections possibly broken up by paragraph as well). The menu button will display all the tool-bar links such as RecentChanges as well as BackLink functions. Editing would be insane on a WAP, so will be disabled. Is there any interest in this idea?

Another idea I have, but cannot implement at this time, is a replacement for the gnome panel and nautilus based on a WIKI for a desktop, but not strictly WIKI, more a meta-application with a wiki-like metaphor. It would make heavy use of bonobo/CORBA much like the existing panel and file manager. Heavy cross-linking would allow viewing and editing of pages (and files) using various editors by embedding them into the wiki using bonobo, with as much AccidentalLinking as possible. Embedding of browsing and various viewers would be fairly simple. The goal would be to remove the necessity of a file manager and file system completely, or as much as possible, and make use of bonobo/CORBA and various plug-ins for enhanced functionality. I don't know how multitasking would fit in, perhaps a tabbed interface or multiple wiki windows? or both? Some sort of drag-n-drag or direct manipulation interface to certain parts would be nice as well, with context sensitive pop-up menus to call various components on selected object/text/whatever ... its just ideas at the moment. Also wondering if 3Dwm could be combined ... how would a 3D wiki be done? Any thoughts on this?

Spell Checker diffs are available at http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/stonehenge.diff This is against UseMod 0.92 code base.

One of my first contributions will be a non-intrusive spell-checker. Adding a spell-check button to the Editing page that will take you to an interactive SpellChecker interface. Not sure if this will be in the main code, or kept external (it requires the Text:Aspell Perl module and a fairy recent version of Aspell). It does not use javascript or anything other than plain HTML, and should still work fine with Lynx (or Links or W3M).

Feel free to check this out at http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/stonehengewiki.cgi?SpellChecker

The SandBox page is a subpage of the spellchecker and there is a link to it right on the page = check it out.

Sorry about not using an interwiki link, but I don't think I'm on the intermap :) Thats the WIKI discussion page for this project, when you click 'Edit', you will see a new 'SpellCheck' button. You must click 'SpellCheck' once more after fixing or making any corrections in the SpellChecker because the 'Save' button simply falls through to the existing code path and I wanted to make sure the existing code path wasn't touched as little as possible. Also, I need someone to look at the code - it looks like the existing code would be releasing a lock and regrabbing it for previews and such .. I just assumed to split into the SpellChecker before it messes with locking. I'm pretty sure it just keeps the lock around until you save or go back to Edit, but thats alot of code to look through and learn. I started my IRC channel and the supporting web page about a week ago, so only spent a few days on the code. Barely has time to learn Wiki let alone the source! Who wants diffs?

The server is a P166 with only 32MB of RAM, so it may be a little slow :) Its doing alot of work for such an old box. The wiki site itself is very new but feel free to click to the home page and check it out. Its not 100% WIKI yet. It has a frame navigation bar with a clickable image map to wow the masses - there is a link on the front page right under a WIKI search box you can click to kill the graphical bar. Also, the front page isn't WIKI, nor a link exchanger, a guestbook for the masses, a WebRing page that may get hit often and needs javascript, a registration page (for use by people on IRC to register themselves with the channel bot without me manually adding them), but I've tried to make these other pages look alot like the pages inside the WIKI with similar headers and plenty of links in and out of the WIKI side of things so that it looks integrated. Anyone know how to do CSS files? I want to provide one for download that will simply offer my selection of fonts, sizes, colors, and lack of link underlines that I came up with (ok, copied from Konqueror, a KDE browser) that makes the sight much nicer looking. Should be relatively Lynx, w3m, and links friendly (I've tested with all of these).

You can also email me at mailto:evanlanglois@yahoo.com

The home page is http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/stonehenge/ You can also find me on Undernet IRC as Thought in #stonehenge

I need people to test and report bugs! And if anyone wants the code, just ask! I'll make a diff.

-- Evan Langlois

Holy Arctic Ice, Batman! That has a high cool factor! I love how you've used embedded combo boxes. Now that's a spicy HumaneInterface. -- SunirShah

I have my personal issues with it that should be cleared up soon, and I'm not the only one thats noticed some of the weirdness. There is another discussion on Wiki:EvanLanglois. No discussion on my own site which hosts the official version and support page on it though .. figures :) -- me

Fixed lots of bugs, and lots of usability enhancements. Processes WikiWords as seperate words without using the run-together-words option (so if you leave a space off between regular lower-case words, it no longer treats it as a WikiWord). No longer need to click SpellCheck again to make changes effective, better handling of punctuation. Can even spellcheck contractions surrounded in single quotes! Other bug-fixes, and may even be faster. -- Evan Langlois

Moved from SunirShah...

Hi SunirShah ... was just reading some of your comments on WikiLint and SpellCheck and such. Was wondering what sort of features would be popular with a SpellChecker, which I think should be non-intrusive. I'm working on one at the moment (still doing modifications, features, and making it handle wiki better), but I was wondering if the community generally wants something like this, or is it seen as basically annoying, and what do people want in such a thing? -- EvanLanglois

I didn't notice when you posted this, sorry. It's best to ask the community. I don't have all the answers. I do like your interface, though I think I would at least insist any spell checker would have my name in it. ;) -- SunirShah

Feel free to add it! When it says its wrong, just click add ... although you may have to add Sunir and Shah seperately cause the spellchecker will think they are wiki words and split them.



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