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Wikipedia user/developer, see WikiPedia:User:Tim_Starling.

To be frank I'm becoming disillusioned with the wiki process (after over a year at WikiPedia), and I'm here looking for answers.

Join the club. Don't worry. There is a way out. -- SunirShah

Tim, welcome, feel at home. Could you expand a little on your "disillusioned"? -- HelmutLeitner

I think he already has, at ReversibleChange, ExcessBaggage. Hi Tim. You might be interested in PageAlias and RecentReplies, as a wiki developer, or you might be sick of such things by now.
Oh, we don't timestamp here, typically. Time stamps are something of a TextSmell? that we're not being appropriately timeless. See TimeStamp. --MartinHarper

The only reason I put it in is because I listed 5 other dates, and I wanted people to know how long it had been at the time of writing since those dates. Simply putting an elapsed time wouldn't have allowed people familiar with Wikipedia's history to note the remarkable fact that RK and Doug have been there for the large majority of it. -- TimStarling

I'm moving the discussion to EditWar. -- SunirShah

Could you update FrenchWikipedia as regard Papotages hardSecurity techniques please ?

Tim, I think the problem with ExcessBaggage users can be solved easily using a semi-soft technical solution. The solution I suggest consists of three parts (1) special /Article subpages or _Artikel parallel pages (2) admin only editing of article pages (3) an auto prepend feature of article page if such a page exists. This create pages that optionally start with an official article, followed by the typical free and editable space.

If your are interested, we can configure a branch of FractalWiki so you can test is, all necessary features exist. Of course, if you like it, you would then have to implement it in Media Wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

I will discuss this with other Wikipedians. I have to admit it has a certain elegance about it. -- TimStarling

Seems hacky to me. Why not just implement general InternalTransclusion, and have the above scenario as a special case?

Quite simple: because macros are attackable. Configuration Options like "auto.prepend.page.*=*/Article" are not. -- HelmutLeitner

Well, Wikipedia already has "protected" pages, so you can just create a page that transcludes from another, lock the transcluding page, and leave the transcluded page editable. Mind you, the UI gets more complex, so this might be the Wiki:ForFree fallacy.

Ok, then why didn't you use it? It's really simple:
http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?WpTest/MyTopic (try edit)
http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?WpTest/MyTopic/Article (try edit)
Protection for Context and Article pages have been added but deactivated. -- HelmutLeitner

Note: Censor in Chief is self-declared title and is not an official Wikipedia designation. "Censorship" is what trolls call anti-troll activities, and I've been doing some of that recently. See for example the section on free speech [here]. -- TimStarling

Sorry, I thought this was a personal attack. -- HelmutLeitner

Aww, I liked "suitable for vegetarians"... :) --MartinHarper



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