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A more HumaneInterface than PageRedirects is to have PageAliases. Redirects are placed on the source page, pointing to the destination page. However, aliases are listed on the destination page, pointing to the source page. Some examples:


PageAlias SoftSecurities
PageAlias SoftlySecure
PageAlias SoftnessInSecurity
PageAlias HardAndSoftSecurity

Not the same as weak security. The idea is to...


PageAlias AbsentLeaders

One of the problems with new wikis -- when they...

If multiple pages alias from the same location, such as if both HardSecurity and SoftSecurity alias from HardAndSoftSecurity, then provide an auto-generated disambiguation (see WikiPedia:Wikipedia:disambiguation) page - "do you want to read about SoftSecurity or HardSecurity?".

If there is in fact a page at AbsentLeaders, then render any aliases from there as SeeAlso links. AbsentLeaders is rendered as a link to a non-existent page. By clicking on it, a user can start adding content to AbsentLeaders. Which is one way of undoing the redirect/alias. The other way is to edit AbsentLeader and remove the PageAlias statement from the top.

You can implement PermanentAnchors by allowing a PageAlias statement to be placed at arbitrary location in each page. Equivalently, if you implement PermanentAnchors in the right way, you get PageAliases for free.


the above text is PrimarilyPublicDomain

I would be very surprised if the PageDatabase actually turned out more efficient. Rather than scouring every page every time you write a WikiWord just to see if there's an alias, chances are redirects would be implicitly created in the PageDatabase. -- ChrisPurcell (Kritter)

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