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Solution to the discussion:

I wrote some Perl to retrieve the TourBusMap, parse it and put it through GraphViz?. You can see the results at http://downlode.org/perl/TourBusMap/ . -- EarleMartin

Warning, it's a huge file. It is really cool though! - Great job Earle!

Thanks! It's never going to be a Harry Beck, though (which irks me, because I'm a Tube map fanboy), so kudos to Tarquin for his attempts below (which I never saw at the time). -- EarleMartin

Discussion of a static map. Beautiful but fairly unmanagable.

About the Tour Bus Map, which it turns out is different than the TourBusMap

TourBusStop and TourBusMap fit into this idea somehow. do all routes go through MeatballWiki:TourBusStop???
The Central will probably be here on Meatball, not on WardsWiki.

London Map - [1] and [2]
I'd be happy to make a graphical map of the bus routes, Underground-style after Harry Beck or Paris-style. (though the most recent version of the Paris metro map is hideous) -- UseMod:Tarquin

That's the picture so far. There's no hope of fitting in the International Tour because it includes all the Grand stops, but backwards. Other suggested routes are in danger of making the above even more spaghetti-like...

This map is really beautiful. Perhaps we must keep in mind to create routes that are drawable. BTW I don't see why backwards (this was done intentionally) is any problem for currently there is no direction information in the map. IMHO the GWCT should be a ring in the center, the IWT an outer ring that connects sometimes to the GWCT. The PythonWiki will IMHO be taken from the SWT, so there will be one problem less for the map. The MOINMOIN-TOUR will never fit in this map. IMO there will be a second "layer" with the WIKI-DEVELOPERS-TOUR as a backbone ring from which linear tours like MOINMOIN-WIKI-TOUR and USEMOD-WIKI-TOUR start without having interconnections. -- hl

Thank you :-) I omitted the loop back to the starting point as I think that simplifies the diagram. By "backwards" I mean this:

Both start with WardsWiki ("A"), and then the remaining common stops are in inverse order. I'll have a go at keeping the ring structure. Maybe the GWCT and IWT could be shown as rings like you suggest, with other tours shown linearly, radiating out.

Single-line diagrams showing connections wouldn't be hard to make. Do people want to suggest colours for the lines? -- UseMod:Tarquin

Do you mean by single line diagrams, this: a -b -c -d (connection to greenline) - e -f -a
yes. Like the single-line diagrams seen in carriages on the tube & the metro. I'll make an example.

Both the GWCT and the IWT represented as loops. I doubt the Moinmoin tour can be fitted in there without considerable entanglement (it needs to go to the right to take in Linux, then the left for PersonalTelco, then right again for Python &c... One thing that map shows is that the routes are a bit heavy on one side -- nothing yet that starts off from Meatball for example.

Tarquin, this is great. Also I think that my thoughts of a Tour Bus Central are peaked by looking at the map, there is no central platform, which I think is needed. -- md

How about letting each tour be managed on a station site of its own within the wiki, which should in turn link back to a master or central site with a list of tours (possibly back here on Meatball?). The station site for the tour would be responsible for the image of the bus and managing the sites/wikis on the tour leaving the master or central to only deal with the list of stations and not every site of the tour, nor ensuring the bus completes its route (thats the job of the station sites). In other words, distribute the management. These graphics here are nice, and could be placed on the station site. Assuming the station site for a tour is also a stop on other tours, you'd have the multiple-route maps shown here. You could also gives a different bus image for each tour if desired, again, with the site station, and not the master/meatball providing the URI. -- EvanLanglois



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