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This is for a class project at the University of Michigan. We're just trying to get our feet wet in the Wiki world... How're we doing?

Welcome to MeatballWiki. Who is your professor, and which class are you taking? Does it have a homepage?

You may want to have your professor contact Dr. Michael Morgan of Bemidji University. He teaches a composition class on Weblogs and Wikis that seems very well organized. His class [wiki] is a very good resource for students trying to understand wikis.

And, by the way, what is WikiSquatting?? -- SunirShah

The course is Computer Supported Cooperative Work , University of Michigan's [School of Information] course number 689 - Gary Olsen is the instructor. Unfortunately, unlike MIT, the U of M deems it necessary to keep all its course material under lock and key - so there's no publicly available website for the course. There is a [course description] available as a word doc...

WikiSquatting? was an off-the-cuff idea that apparently was both "off topic" and [not original]... (also you can use an InterWiki idea Wiki:WikiSquatting, which works with different wikis at particular wikis.)

There are five students in our group and we're just feeling our way, for now. Thanks very much for the above pointers.

We'll try to spend some more time informing ourselves with all the material already available before we post more...

Is it OK for us to keep up this page? (As part of our project we intend to set up our own Wiki - it'll take some time, and, for now, we're still trying to get our heads wrapped around the concept...)

Thanks for the course description. I've become interested in academic research related to Meatball. The link was only off-topic on the page "BarnRaising", not on Meatball per se. As you're sorting things out, we're always here to help. Stop on by and tell us how you're doing. -- SunirShah

I'm sad to hear that Big Blue U deems it necessary to keep all its course material under lock and key. What if anything do you know about the origins of this practice? -- LorraineLee

Good to see folks here! MarkDilley



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