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WikiAnnotation means annotation of WikiPages.

Why is WikiAnnotation important for Online Communities? Isn't Wiki enough? Wikis allow inline annotations with normal wiki page editing? -- FridemarPache




-- [fridemar]


-- [fridemar]

   {2 Hans, can you see the upper paragraphs on this page DiiGo marked in total. 
      Currently I cannot get rid of the highlighted DiiGo text. -- fridemar
   The text in curly braces, numbered 2, was copied into a FireTrailMark as temporary work text. When this page gets 
   refactored, it can be deleted. In the meantime, it serves as an illustration, how useful TrailFire and DiiGo is for maintaining 
   a WikiPage. 
   The text in curly braces, numbered 1, is again copied into a FireTrailMark and a DiiGo annotation, so that later it
   can be deleted too, after it has 
   served as an illustration.
   -- fridemar  
  dto. for block 0.  Later after using the annotation tools, such collaboration interaction can be factored out straight 
  from the start on. I hope to have demonstrated, how useful WikiAnnotation can be. 

Fridemar - Yes I can see them and the sure are colorful! -- HansWobbe

Hans, thank you for giving feedback. If annotations become common practise, I think the wiki base pages must be slides, so that we can overlook with minimal effort, where the annotations are. Scrolling for reading is bearable, but scrolling for annotation is not. -- fridemar


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