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What about the simple idea to get a WebAnnotation with additional Wiki power?

[Diigo] has a sticky note Web annotation engine, that could be upgraded to serve Wiki communities

This page serves several functions:

A midi Mediator would simply link to wikipages like this: <WikiPrefix>:<WikiPage> e.g. Meatball:AnnotationWiki. Even Meatball:NotYetExistingPage? should work. If a user clicked on the latter, they would get an empty page to enter their contribution.

There are hundreds of WikiPrefix es, that would give you a boost to for new contributors. To make life easy, the mediator should insert a backlink into the (empty) target wikipage. The backlink points to the page, that is to be annotated. The same wikipage can serve as an annotation to different Webpages, so a list of backlinks should be inserted. Besides that a Webpage can have annotations in different wikis, e.g. in a rhethorics wiki, in a sociology wiki, in a technically oriented wiki. .... lets call this social filtering of annotations.

Web page owners (preferabably in Webrings) should be encouraged to invite WikiAnnotations? in order to weave the web in a more sophisticated way than in form of a simple "ring". To amplify the motivation to realize this simple idea, I put a copy of it into Meatball:WikiAnnotationMediator


Having wikis be more specific on the topics they allow on them will reduce spam tremendously. Mediators will have more knowledge of a specific topic and will be able to filter off topic edits [Wiki Mediation]

ReciprocalLinks: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiAnnotationMediator

-- FridemarPache

See also InterMap, Fridemar. -- ChrisPurcell
Thank you Chris.


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