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A WikiPrefix is a memorable shortcut to a wiki domain to make it easier to WikiWalk or WikiWeave.

E.g. With


we could refer to this page as Meatball:WikiPrefix from an external server that supports it. This would be very useful for an AnnotationWiki or at least for a WikiAnnotationMediator.

How does this idea differ from the existing InterMap facility?

Thank you for this question. Namely in this way we can bring it to a broader focus via the DiigoService. The author uses WikiPrefix as:

'Note:' This page is DiigoServiced. (socially bookmarked, blogged, annotated, archived ) The author recommends to annotate it for faster input.


-- HansWobbe

Hi Hans it's great to make your acquaintance here. Your homepage is a study in itself ;-) -- fridemar

Hi Fridemar.

DiiGo annotated page.


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