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I've been wondering if there is - or if it makes sense to create - a service that does for Wiki what Blogger does for blogging. That is, provide the page that does the editing, but store the text back at your own site via FTP.

Sure, you can always set up a wiki at SeedWiki, but you would probably prefer to have it located at your own site. Such a service may not be an ideal solution, but an easy way to get started and find out if your topic resonnates -- PoulStaugaard

Poul, I'm not quite sure what you seek because I'm not a blogger. But if you have a wiki at WikiService - which should be isomorphic to SeedWiki except that it's $15-25 per month for private wikis - you have various options to get at the page texts, the easiest perhaps to get a dayly e-mail containing a zipped backup of all pages in text file format. A command "action=textall" gives you the same in a single text page. This means that you can convert or switch the wiki provider (or move to a self-maintained system) anytime. By the way, I wouldn't recommend this to check topic resonance. I would use a domain right from the start which adds trust to your endeavour and gives you complete freedom to move your system anywhere you like without loosing links, bookmarks or search engine coverage. -- HelmutLeitner

TiddlySpot? offers a free hosted version of TiddlyWiki, though at the moment doesn't support simultaneous editing by multiple users.


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