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2006-02-26: I have been working for a while on a project that I have called IeWiki?, which is an ASP.NET based serverside for Jeremy Ruston's TiddlyWiki. So far, it supports a filesystem-based hierarchy (don't I JUST LOVE the spell checking feature of the latest google toolbar!) of pages (TiddlyWikis?) with the added bonus of being able to preserve and present older versions of each tiddler (well that's the term Jeremy uses - I'd prefer to call them topics).

Right now though, the TODO-feature list is growing faster than I can implement it, so if anyone is interested, take a look at http://iewiki.net and see if you might care to contribute. It's still read-only to anyone but myself, but I hope that real soon it will be able to (at least) gather feedback, and eventually, when the security aspects are in place, also support other users, both the anonymous, the well-known and the authenticated kind.

I'm a DCOM programmer. Ever trying to rise to the abstraction level of .NET and eventually to wikis :-). Yet constantly being pulled back into VB6 :-(. Born in Denmark AD 1960.
I finally found the piece of software that works for me. And behold, it is all JavaScript. DHTML, CSS: TiddlyWiki
If you put any two thoughts on the table and think hard enough, you can probably make a connection. So if you put as many thoughts on the table as can fit, you can make an infinite number of connections - no, wait, mathematicians would object there. Still, you will certainly have enough material for a book. Or yet another wikiwiki.
PS - Fellow COM programmers should be advised: If you ever run out of GUIDs, Microsoft will sell you some more. Don't get me wrong - I am not a M$-basher. The idealists within M$ are becoming more and more open to dialog, which is nice to see. Especially since M$ employs so many sharp minds.

PPS - The allusion to YACC in the above probably isn't entirely appropriate. I mean, there will only ever be one wikiwiki. But there are certainly many wikis already. I don't know how many YACC implementations exist.

PPPS - I wrote DCOM in stead of COM because I don't want to have to explain my terms. Anyone can look up DCOM if they don't know what I am referring to. Don't even bother to ask google to define COM.

Poul, welcome. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

A good thing about wikis: if you open a topic that's been settled, someone will probably point you to the page that discusses it. Welcome! -- ChrisPurcell

Ogsa jeg hilser pa dig. MattisManzel

Has anyone done a WikiEditingService -- PoulStaugaard



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