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A stand-alone personal Wiki

[TiddlyWiki] is an entire wiki, self-contained inside a single HTML file, operated through CascadingStyleSheets and JavaScript. The standalone TiddlyWiki requires zero server-side logic. Everything happens within the browser. Very cool. Even cooler is the improved derivative [1].

Here is a gentle [Introduction in form of a slideshow].

Collaboration Tool

Certain browsers can save changes to local TiddlyWiki files, allowing them to be used as browser-based wiki-fied documents. Collaboration is possible by

Open Source

It is published under a BSD OpenSourceLicense?, and is now available in a much-improved version 2.0 which allows for plugins to modify and extend its bahaviour. This has fostered a very active community which gets together in a [GoogleGroup]

 -- PoulStaugaard

Quite a few of the members of this community have developed "Adaptations" that create remarkably different capabilities by adding plugins to the "Core" functions maintained by the initial developer, JeremyRuston?. All in all, this is community is actively demonstrating quite a sophisticated level of collaboration.


Call me FormOverContent, but I like the exploding boxes when you click on a link. I also like how nodes expand into a vertical column, rather than onto new pages. While that encourages short (one paragraph) text descriptions, the TiddlyWiki set up works really well for a certain kind of hypertext document. -- SunirShah

I think TiddlyWiki could be like the .txt file of Wikis. You could keep 5 on your desktop if you want to, use it for random notes and brainstorms. Needs a few features fixed, like the save problem, but I think it is a simple fix to get the browser's save function to save a working TiddlyWiki file, giving you an option for a very usable one-user wiki.

Has anyone found a way to export portions of the wiki into a separate file? Else the "growing problem" may kill the enthusiasm for the wiki.

Observations by HansWobbe

This segment of this page is an initial attempt to collect some observations that have resulted from using this software throughout 2006.

I'm thinking of this "all in one" (text blocks + attractive markup + JavaScript programming) file as a "boomerang" chain letter. Fill it with interesting content that you would like feedback on, attach it to an email, encourage people to add their comments and distribute it further. If you include a 'return mechanism', this should become a very useful communications tool.

"I think I'm gonna think it through, again". (... for any "Oliver." fans).

I'm finding the applications and implications of MicroContent? concepts have an amazing impact on both Authors and Audience experience.

In the first six months of 2006, while making increasing use of this technology, I have come to appreciate that my preceding comments on its 'animations' were premature. For the record, I have found the "sliders" to be especially useful in creating pages since they lend themselve quite nicely to a form of "outlining", especially when used in conjunction with the excellent TransClusion support this system provides as part of is "MicroContent?" design concepts.

Application Note: TiddlyWiki appears to be ideally suited to form a Journal for ExtremeOpenBusiness: Reasons:

-- FridemarPache

See also StickWiki?: http://stickwiki.sourceforge.net/

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