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German readers like the OP may be interested to add to [Gr├╝nderWiki:WikiEngineComparison]. The engine used (ProWiki) does a special mapping of the table cells, which seems pretty useful to maintain large and sparse tables efficiently. For example, you can insert and reorder columns easily, which is a PITA otherwise. I'm sure it would be nice to extend this to row addressing too, which would for example allow nice time table implementations. -- HelmutLeitner

SPAM: I'd like to advertise the WikiEngine comparison table on the WikiFeatures wiki for this: [WikiFeatures:WikiEngine], which is better suited for feature comparison and won't suffer from too many engine entries - while not being any less painful to edit than a table with the layout choosen here ;) -- MarioSalzer?

Check out [wikimatrix.org]. It offers side-by-side comparisons of the different engines. For a long time the best wiki feature comparison table could be found on the DokuWiki homepage, and in fact wikimatrix.org was created by the same people. - HarryWood


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