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I'd like to see a possibility to translate WikiSyntax automatically into LaTeX.

There is a discussion about that on Tavi:PrintedDocuments. WikkiTikkiTavi now includes this support, though it is not documented and seems still a tad buggy.

For the reverse (using LaTeX as part of one's wiki formatting rules), see LatexInWiki.

I've written a set of quick-and-dirty scripts that do this. More precisely, they translate a patois of UseMod WikiMarkup? and simplified LaTeX into normal LaTeX. As an example, the page source of [this wiki page] was automatically translated into [this .ps].

The script handles tables, colon-indentation, a few levels of headings, italics, bold, and <pre> tags. It also parses EasyLatex?, a set of "shortcuts" that let you write LaTeX more quickly. -- BayleShanks

A natural question would be: could you perhaps show us the script, Bayle? Thanks, WillemdeBruijn
VikiDeplate has an option to embed LaTeX and to convert documents to LaTeX.

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