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Welcome, William! I just drove through Innisfil last weekend on the way to my girlfriend's cottage. What are you doing up there? -- SunirShah

Workin' workin' workin'. Although I'm actually in Barrie now, and I'm one of those evil people who commutes to Toronto everyday; but it pays the rent, and the car, and the loans, etc...

Yes, Welcome! I've been watching your posts on c2 for a while, but have never interacted since that site is just a bit too noisey for me. (It will take me at least a month of elapsed time to even get to the point where I can wonder about your post on the ConnectedGraphSquaringProblem.)

-- HansWobbe

Heh... I'm not quite sure why, but it never occured to me to check this page once in a while :)



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