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ZoomFatigue is an AngryCloud that develops due to prolonged use of video phones and teleconferencing software.

With increased RemoteWork? during the CoronaVirus? pandemic, it became commonplace and led to increased research attention.

The MeatSpace symptoms are thought to be due to people being uncomfortable with near constant intrusion of technology into their MeatSpace lives and exhausted from the cognitive load caused by increased reliance on non-verbal cues. For example, many people would spend their whole working day on video calls, and because of quarantine requirements, would only be able to meaningfully socialize through more video calls.

It could be just that Zoom is a constant reminder of how much of our freedom and lives have been curtailed by the CoronaVirus? pandemic. Every virtual socialization, even celebrations like a birthday party or a "Zoom wedding", carry the sour pang of loss.

See WikiPedia:ZoomFatigue

Wikis and video conferencing are both online methods of collaboration, and I wonder whether this demonstrates an advantage of wikis over video conferencing. Wikis are interesting in that they allow asynchronous collaboration over long times spans. The difference in time scales leads to different ConflictResolution strategies being available. I can walk away from a wiki if I'm getting into a heated dispute, but doing that on a Zoom call is harder. -- ChrisBrickhouse?

I don't think it's a surprise that there has been a WikiRevival? during the CoronaVirus? pandemic lockdown. I miss looking at my computer as a source of Zen to organize my mind. As it turns out, I need to code and I need to wiki to OrderChaos of my mind and life. With the chaos of the pandemic, it was too much and enough to do the work to reopen MeatballWiki. -- SunirShah


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