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The world is naturally chaotic. All our creation myths speak of creating order out of chaos, and that is because that is exactly what life is about. In less mythical terms, creating and maintaining order are major strategies to AddValue?. How do we generally bring order to chaos?

Conversely, if you want to subvert order, you explode randomly (e.g. create a ForestFire, bomb civilians). It's imperative to prevent others from subverting order because it costs a lot to create order in the first place, and a lot more to reconstruct afterwards, especially since the psychological damage is undoable (cf. FirstReading). This does not necessarily mean HardSecurity, however.

A good measure of FeatureKarma is whether or not you accomplish one of the above properties by adding a new feature. Often you in fact decrease order (increase chaos) by expanding options that do not otherwise help collect, contain, nor sort. An example of a class of features that violates one of the properties to aid others is EnlargeSpace, where the enlarged space helps collect information to contain arguments about how to do so.

Order however is not the last word. Order is ossifying. Chaos is needed for progress.

Temporal ordering patterns

Douglas Hofstadter - operations of old-new-transformations

Probably from his book "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought".


Embrace Chaos

I fought the lawn, and the lawn won!

Trying to control and commandeer chaos is hopeless. Chaos will always win. If you are wise, you can find ways to use chaos to your advantage. Letting AnIndividual act on his own accord will be better than ordering AnIndividual to act according to some CentralPlan?. The greatest creations are realized when the world unfolds as it should.

Therefore, rather than take on a sisyphean task of fighting chaos, embrace it. Accept what it does so that you may come to enjoy what it does. What is more beautiful? A perfect lawn or teaming nature?

WabiSabi?, as they say.

Yggdrasil, as others say.

This may fold into AddValue? at some point. -- SunirShah

I liked this. I suppose in thermodynamic terms export chaos from system is also an important process. Have added some thoughts on AnarchyAndFreedom but there is a lot of stuff also on ConstraintsAndBoundaryConditions? which is interesting.



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