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JohnAbbe's wiki-weblog (another term for what has been called WikiLog here).


Massively nifty! -- SunirShah

Glad you like it. Anything in particular besides that it's a wiki and a weblog? --ja

Well, more that it's a wiki and a weblog, but the last time I looked at Steve' implementation it was far, far less advanced. It looks like it's working excellent for you, though. So, like I said, massively nifty! --ss

I would move to UseModWiki in a second if it did weblogs. I'm nudging a friend of mine to implement an include feature which would be a step in that direction. Hopefully he'll get to it before he gets a job :-) --ja

After comparing ExternalReferrals to your WebLog, I've decided you're most authoritative on the world of wikis + weblogs, John. So I added AbbeNormal to my link bar. By the way, I was contemplating adding InternalTransclusions of raw WikiSyntax (vs. rendered HTML) into UseModWiki, but I wonder if that's really the answer. Wouldn't it just be better to create a weblog frontpage with a table and a whack of IFRAMEs? Then maybe all you'd need is an easy way to create new entries. -- SunirShah

Thanks for your link-acknowledgement! I don't know how much longer i can keep up with it -- there's far more out there already than i knew about, especially if i let the wiki definition get fuzzy.

I don't know -- what are IFRAMES? As i've said elsewhere, i'd love to have each log entry be a regular web page, InternalTransclusion is a quick way to do that. Dates could use UseModWiki's SubPages, e.g. /20020211 would be the 2002 Feb 11 entry, with text and/or transclusions interspersed. I don't need hour-minute-second. I'd probably also want some means to do a sidebar before leaving PikiePikie... --JohnAbbe


I also wanted to say that I liked the weblog -- specially since I'm more and more interested in the World Summit for the Information Society (http://www.wsis.org/). At a meeting last week we saw a video about three projects from Sri Lanka, and one of the project members talked about her experience producing TV for the young, talking about the peace process, etc. Definitely interesting. -- AlexSchroeder

I'm getting Internal Server Error from AbbeNormal as of 2004-08-12. -- HelmutLeitner

Seems to have trouble with certain referrers? Try going to http://ourpla.net/ and clicking on the "AbbeNormal" link close to the top of the page.

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