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See http://ourpla.net/

I moved to Eugene, Oregon, at a co-op http://www.walnutstreetco-op.org/ at the beginning of 2006. We have a house wiki, but few others use it, some actively hate it. Ah well...

I help a little with most the RecentChangesCamp events. (Anyone going to Montreal; June 2010?)

For more than three years now i've been co-designing, testing, etc. on WaGn? - http://wagn.org/ - a structured wiki, and Wagneering websites with it.

E.g., the PatternLanguageOfGroupProcess? website http://grouppatternlanguage.org/recent

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation's wiki died, but is half-resurrected as http://processarts.wagn.org/

Learning over and over that community websites start with a community. If you don't have that, it's probably not going to magically appear just because you built a website, even if it's nice.

Starting a new wiki? See SeedPosting.


There's a wiki weblog PIM technological elephant i'm after: http://www.ourpla.net/john/wikiweblogpim.html

A little more of me is at CreationMatters:JohnAbbe, my very-quiet-now UseModWiki.

I've been using PikiePikie (a wiki which can put a WebLog on any page) for AbbeNormal, my PersonalWiki / WikiAsPim, but was glad to see (somewhere) Clifford show interest in adding WebLog capabilities to UseModWiki. I'd switch...still...

Spent a little time in the middle of 2003 getting my brain around ChrisPurcell's PeriPeri: http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~cjp39/cgi-bin/peri.cgi?JohnAbbe Funky

January 5, 2004 I hereby award you a BarnStar for your amazing WikiLog, AbbeNormal. May it live on in some way, even if differently. -- SunirShah

I'm honored, thanks! --JohnAbbe

p.s. Is there a shorter tag than <nowiki></nowiki> to prevent wiki interpretation?

There is the <pre> tag, but it has other side effects. One tip: if you're repeating the same wiki-sensitive text several times, just cut/paste the text surrounded by tags. (For instance, do the nowiki wrappers once for the first .gif link, then cut/paste the whole text surrounded by nowiki tags.)

p.p.s. My ISP wanted to know if there's any "security holes / nonworking code such that people will complain if it isn't working, and runaway logfiles, etc."

No security holes known yet. No user-visible bugs reported yet in 0.88. The logfiles do grow, but I'm certain you'll outgrow your ISP before they become a problem. You can remove the "diff" log at any time--it is likely to be the biggest log. Otherwise, the wiki will grow with its contributions. If you get a lot of hits (at least thousands per day), CPU time will probably be a problem. (CGI.pm isn't the fastest code out there.) Searching also can be a problem if you have a lot of pages (every page is opened for each search).

It's possible that your ISP is looking for an excuse to say "no".

Thankfully no. They were just curious (they're asking about how and why to host a WikiFarm).

Hopefully you could take responsibility for the script, and maybe give them instructions on how to disable it *if* it causes any system problems. (Just move the wiki.pl script out of the way.) On the other hand, many ISPs are not CGI-friendly--I was at two prior hosting companies before finding Futurequest [1]. (Their $20/month package should be sufficient for wiki hosting.) --CliffordAdams

I'm paying $30/month at transbay.net for dial-up access, Un*x account, web hosting. They're pretty friendly, and a short drive from my house so i can actually be in front of someone (not that i've ever really needed to :-). Now i'll have another Real reason for the Unix account.

(later) I get host not found a lot when i telnet. Hmmm...FutureQuest??

When i tried to tar the directory i had troubles but i'll try to dig through the man pages to figure that out, and post an error message here when it's handy. Maybe someday --JohnAbbe

For people interested in WikiAsPim that use Emacs (big fat text editor extendable in a lisp dialect), there is emacs-wiki.el which allows you to edit your local wiki files, use Emacs as a dedicated web server, interface with your diary, your address database (actually the Insiduous Big Brother DB, BBDB), which you can in turn connect to your Palm. See http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiModeDiscussion -- AlexSchroeder

John, you are very welcome to build the WIKIBLOG-TOUR. Consider yourself a bus driver representing the TourBus (like J├╝rgenHermann and I do on the German wiki tours, although the bus driver metaphor has been rejected). -- HelmutLeitner

I'm sad i never did this - i still think the tour bus or something like it (probably many things) are an important piece of the puzzle. --John

I code like an old BASIC programmer (see Wiki:JohnAbbe), but in Python (dabbled in Perl for a year or so). But the first thing i did on this project was get someone else who can code, because i'm not good enough at it, and i'm not about to become so. Someone once told me i could be a software designer,but i'm very ambivalent about getting close to the code. Nonetheless i occasionally hack something, like posting to my wiki when a server upgrade broke it. --John

I liked your changes to SerendipitousNavigation-- thanks! -- ChristopherAllen


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