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When I was young, I was AntiAuthoritarian, which kind of gave some structure and purpose and focus to my actions. As I started working, I started increasingly becoming the authority as a result of my efforts to negotiate with authority. Now that I have a reputation and I am fully exposed on the Internet, I have painfully had to learn to avoid other AntiAuthoritarians, AdoringFans, ankle-biters, coattail riders, sociopaths, anti-intellectuals, and other valueless people. The trouble with anti-authoritarianism is that you leave your rear flank undefended to RadicalInclusiveness, meaning you are fighting The Man only to hang out with losers. After a while, you start wondering why you are hanging with losers who are offering you nothing but heartache (as they are losers, they piss off even their friends), instead of joining the winners and having a good time.

I am been perennial afraid of being called arrogant, but when you only hang out with people whose atrocious behaviour towards you you can no longer tolerate, what else are you going to seem when you distance yourself?

The problem with this view is that there are so many more nice, successful people in the world who are not the assholes worthy of scorn, but rather people we all admire as RoleModels. Those successful people also distance themselves from losers. Really, the dimension of interest is not winner vs. loser, but asshole vs. forthright. I don't care how capable someone is at the moment as long as they have respect, interest, honesty, and security (cf. PersonalRelationship), and anyone with those traits will be successful in life.

That's not arrogance, that's basic self-protection.

My failure was listening to the opinion of the self-dispossessed. I have to hang out with energizers, not ennervaters who want to drag everyone down into their misery of insecurity. Republicans, Liberals, and winners alike AlleviateInsecurity. (New) Democrats wallow in their insecurities and want more people to feel their pain (cf. PinCushion).

So I've amended my life motto from "Help others with their objectives" to "Help others who share my objectives; ignore everyone else." Maybe I'll get back to the good ol' days and say "Crush everyone else," but I still have a heart, and it's better to alleviate insecurity rather than exploit it. -- SunirShah

Having trouble understanding how this relates to alleviating insecurity. I think there is vaguely included a who but not a how or why. What is the purpose of this page? I think your courage in expressing this is worth retaining, if not in this page, in this wiki -- AaronPoeze


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