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BarCampBank is a WikiThinkTank to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.

This micro CommunityOnline is based officially on:

Born on september, 16th 2006 in Paris at Mandriva, BarCampBank is now a real-life experience.

Thanks to CommunityWiki:CommunityWikiBank, this informal group is currently emerging to build a bank-WikiThinkTank and seed dedicated groups for research/action.

It would be great to support the open http://aboutus.org/Wikibank.biz transaction, publicly negotionated on my homepage [FridemarPache] with Hans. Thank you. -- FridemarPache

PS.: Perhaps you could build a public platform there for similar processes.

What about a real bank with a transparency option PublicBankView.

WikiBank.Biz would be a nice name.

I think, once Hans has bought it, you won't get that name under 1000 US$.

I am fine with this opportunity cost, because starting this process is to me (and hopefully to the community) even more worth than a price over 10.000 US$. I bookmark and Diigo annotate this page for the DiigoGroup SocialDomaining and besides that, I am going to post this to


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