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A bank with a PublicBankView not only allows to reduce transaction costs in OpenBusiness significantly, but even creates an additional revenue sharing source with their clients.

Here a first sketch:

Clients of such a bank have the option to give public view access to all transactions of their account. Bank and clients can monetize on that on a PayPerView base.

As even the income, caused by those clicks can be listed on such an PublicBankView. (Selfreferential System) the transaction history is highly dynamic, and this may be a permanent source of income.

This is a WikiWay idea by -- FridemarPache

PS.: in connection with the public transaction of selling http://aboutus.org/WikiBank.Biz, http://PennyBank.Biz

PPS.: I am WikiBlogging this to my SocialCommonWealth blog for authentication and backlinking to Meatball. --fp




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