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New birth of BlueMoon wiki today.

The code is still lightly unstable, and numerous features are to be added.

Currently :

- there are pages that can be edited, like on any wiki. Pages have a version number.

- the wiki can be CODED. To give an example in english, one can write things like :

  $name = \random {John Jack Peter Sam}.  Hello, my name is $name !

This will generate a different page each time the page is read !

- Code can be used to track semantic features. BlueMoon heads toward semantic web.

- Pages are grouped in zones. There is the main zone, and there is as many other zones as the users want there be. These zones can work like rubriques, directories, or even classes of objects, each page of a given zone being like an 'object'.

- Not yet authentication of users, not yet diffs on pages... This is to be done.

- Currently working on adding devices to translate automatically pages. This should not be too hard, given the fact that users can write code in their pages. So, indeed, natural language is just like some kind of code the BlueMoon wiki parser can understand...

- The BlueMoon wiki parser is written in a new computer language I invented : the Theuth language.


En français on pourra regarder aussi quelques détails des coulisses sur CraoWiki:BlueMoon.

Nicolas, tu oublies de préciser ta CraoWiki:PageAmbassade assez étonnante :) -- ChristopheDucamp


DavidMeyer -- Wed Oct 5 08:10:00 2011

The project sounds fascinating, but where's a link? No trace in Google. I hope the project hasn't been abandonned.

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